Pet Surgery in Saugus MA | Veterinary Surgery


Pet Surgery

Saugus Animal Hospital’s local veterinarians are fully trained and skilled surgeons dedicated to performing standard and specialty veterinary surgical procedures required to regain and maintain your pet’s health.

Our veterinarians specialize in soft tissue procedures, mass and tumor removal and abdominal, bladder and spay/neuter surgeries in our on-site surgical suite. More complex surgical cases may be referred to a local specialty hospital to be performed by a board-certified surgeon. We comply with and follow meticulous protocols as recommended by   American Animal Hospital Association  and current research standards to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort.

We understand that your pet is a member of your family. To ensure your pet’s safety, we always perform pre-operative blood testing to provide a full and accurate picture of your pet’s organs and systems health. Additionally, we utilize intravenous catheters to keep your pet hydrated, administer additional medications when needed and flush anesthetic medicines out of your pet’s system once the procedure is completed.

An additional facet to providing the utmost safety measures, we utilize advanced monitoring equipment throughout the procedure to continuously audit your pet’s blood pressure, heart rate, electrical heart activity, blood oxygen level, respiration rate and temperature.

To alleviate pain and discomfort associated with surgical procedures, the Saugus Animal Hospital staff monitors and supports your pet before, during and after the operation. We cater your pet’s pain management plan to his or her specific needs, taking into account species, age, size,breed and anxiety level. The medications we administer before, during and after are the safest available and consult you in the best ways to assure your pet’s comfort at home, once he or she has been discharged.