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A message from Dr. Binder

If you ask most veterinarians when they first decided to become a veterinarian, it’s likely that they’ll tell you that they loved animals as a child and wanted to make a difference in the lives of furry friends. I’m no different; ever since I was a child I’ve had a strong interest in animals, particularly in turtles and birds of prey.  However, I did not begin my course of study within animal medicine or biology.  In 1971, I entered Cornell University as an aeronautical engineering major. At that time though, I hadn’t quite “gotten the hang” of computers.


I switched my main focus to wildlife science, graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in 1975 and entered the Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine later that year. I have been a veterinarian since receiving my degree in 1979, spending two of my early veterinary years working with farm animals and house pets. I purchased Saugus Animal Hospital in 1987.

I have a strong belief that our relationship with the animal kingdom in general, and our pets in particular, benefit us in many ways and enrich our lives.  A life-long pet owner myself, I deeply understand how important these furry creatures are to a family. Whether it’s a friendly tail wag greeting you at the door at the end of a long day, or perhaps a gentle leg nudge and purr, our pets truly shape our experiences and are unconditional friends. 

As the owner of Saugus Animal Hospital, I have been able to bring to fruition my vision of providing the best health care possible for the pets in our families.  We stay current with the latest scientifically proven treatments and concepts to ensure your friend is receiving the best care.  As an accredited American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) practice, we work diligently to exceed their requirements and promote the highest standards of veterinary treatment and pet care. AAHA membership is voluntary, but dependent on passing mandatory regular and comprehensive inspections.

We strive to keep our pet parents informed, not only on the “what” we do, but also the “how” and “why.”  No treatment is performed without first discussing with the pet owners and, together, considering and advising the best course of action. We encourage our clients to ask questions and become well-educated to help us in our mission of providing the best care possible.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Saugus Animal Hospital website.

We hope to see you in person soon! – Robert Binder, Lead Doctor