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Technician Assistant
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Amanda has been involved with animal care and rescue her entire life. She earned her B.S. in neuroscience from Smith College in 2014 and spent the first chapter of her career as a college instructor teaching neuroscience and biology, but found herself increasingly more interested in the curious minds of cats and dogs. Her recent move to Eastern MA inspired her to join Saugus Animal Hospital in July 2020 and translate her love for animals and interest in animal cognition into a new career path.

Through her volunteer work in a small island veterinary clinic in Mexico, she came across an abandoned mixed-breed street-dog, Javi, whom she adopted and continues to rehabilitate along with her scrappy Chihuahua-mix, Layla. Fortunately, she married a fellow animal-lover with a stoic Lab-Pitbull mix, Saphei, who has proved to be something that the little ones can, quite literally, look up to.