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Posted By :    Felicia D'Entremont
Posted :    5/29/2014
Comments :    I was talking to some friends about where they bring their pets to for check ups and I must say I am so glad I take Lucas to SAH and I have Dr.Binder to care for Lucas. I was surprised to hear some of the stories that people have encounter at their Vets office. I have always been treated with care and kindness and most of all my Lucas gets the best from Dr.Binder and his staff. Thank you so much for caring for me and Lucas.
Posted By :    Felicia D'Entremont
Posted :    10/30/2013
Comments :    Saugus Animal Hospital is the best, they truly care about you and your pet. Dr. Binder makes me feel so confident that my little boy, Lucas is getting the best care. Thanks Dr Binder and your staff for caring about Lucas.
Posted By :    Phyllis Ciardiello  (pciardie@bu.edu)
Posted :    9/3/2013
Comments :    Just a note off thanks to Drs. Bergsten and Anderson for the wonderful care that ALL our cats have received. A thanks as well to the enitre staff. Everyone has been kind, compassionate, and understanding. Our cats Cagney, Cody,Bud, and Toula could not have been given better care.
Posted By :    Joanne Caputo-Carfagna
Posted :    7/2/2013
Comments :    Thank you Dr. Bergsten and tech staff for your professional care and compassion during Misha's spay and after care at the hospital. Her at home recovery time has been without complications. She's back to being her happy, energetic wonder pup! I appreciate all you do for pet owners on the Northshore!
Posted By :    E.W.
Posted :    4/4/2013
Comments :    Dr. Howe is the best vet I have ever known. For the five months between the initial diagnosis and the final visit for my cat, she was always available, always able to talk, understood the emotions involved, and made me trust her judgment completely. While the outcome was ultimately sad for me, Dr. Howe went above and beyond the duty of care required, expected, or hoped for. She is a truly exceptional vet and person. If you are lucky enough to know her, then you know how great she is. All of the technicians I dealt with were great as well (and I'm sorry that I cannot name each of them separately). I would recommend them unequivocally and without reservation. They (and especially Dr. Howe) are some of the best people I have ever known. I know that I may not have been able to say it during the last visit, but: Thank you. For everything. It meant so much to me.
Posted By :    Joanne Caputo-Carfagna  (jacydesign@comcast.net)
Posted :    3/31/2013
Comments :    Search and you will find! I was searching for a (great) vet for my new pup, Misha, a 12 week old Shih Tzu. I dropped in to Saugus Animal Hospital for some info and Amanda was so helpful, friendly, professional and answered all my questions about the care Misha should receive as a pup. I was so happy to find a great place for Misha's care. Thank you Dr. Anderson and Amy for making her first visit a happy, stress free one. The staff at Saugus Animal Hospital is professional, friendly, helpful, caring and supportive. Thank you for all you do for our precious furry kids!
Posted By :    Jean & Tony Izzicupo
Posted :    3/30/2013
Comments :    We love Saugus Animal Hospital. My dog, Coco and my kitty, Magic, have been to this hospital for their routine care since day one. The staff is wonderful...caring, friendly, professional. I won't go anywhere else! My babies have been seen by all the doctors on staff and each one has given my pets outstanding, quality care. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to keep my babies healthy!
Posted By :    Felicia D'entremont
Posted :    3/28/2013
Comments :    I have always been treated in a professional manner and Dr. Binder and his staff have taken great care of my toy poodle, Lucas
Posted By :    Rose Zeo
Posted :    3/28/2013
Comments :    No one other than Dr. Binder and his staff will ever take care of my animals. "We've" been patients for 28 years.
Posted By :    Robert Coscia
Posted :    3/28/2013
Comments :    As always, my visit to Saugus Animal Hospital was pleasant as a visit to the Vet can be. The Drs and technicians go out of their way to keep me informed about the health of my two dogs. They both unusually can't wait to get in through the door when we have an appointment.
Posted By :    Diana Lavertue
Posted :    3/28/2013
Comments :    The staff is wonderful and very friendly. Dr. Howe is compassionate and wonderful. My pets love her!
Posted By :    Pamela Rossi
Posted :    3/28/2013
Comments :    We truly value all the doctors at Saugus Animal Hospital!They have been wonderful throughout the years with all our greyhounds.Our last visit with Liza included.Although the prognosis for Liza is bleak. The way they handled letting us know and what our options are was very professional and caring. Thats one of the reasons she got to be 13 1/2 years old!
Posted By :    Annette Bassi
Posted :    3/28/2013
Comments :    As, usual, I was very happy with my visit at Saugus Animal Hospital.At this visit we didn't need to see the doctor but the technincian was very helpful and informative. He was so gentle and comfortable with my dog that he wasn't even shaking, which he usually does at these visits.
Posted By :    Jan Paolini
Posted :    2/6/2013
Comments :    Dr. Bergsten is the best. We have been clients and patients at Saugus Animal Hospital for over 20 years.
Posted By :    Domenica Ortisi
Posted :    1/22/2013
Comments :    I am very happy with everyone at SAH. Alvin is my baby and just knowing he is getting top notch care is a relief.
Posted By :    Stacey Giacobbe
Posted :    1/22/2013
Comments :    Dr. Howe and the technicians were wonderful with my dog. Saugus Animal Hospital is a great place with wonderful, caring staff.
Posted By :    Anonymous
Posted :    1/22/2013
Comments :    Rocky had his annual check up and as usual we were treated graciously and warmly.It is apparent that Rocky's well being is of the utmost importance and we are grateful for such wonderful doctors and staff members looking out for him!
Posted By :    Maria Ceddia
Posted :    1/22/2013
Comments :    My senior miniature schnauzer (age 12 . 11 months)had this surgery in October 2012. Dr. Binder and his skills brought my dog through the entire procedure. All the staff assisted with her follow up visits and after care. The first couple of days were a little bumpy but once her stomach was settled she was fine. She is a new dog! I can't thank everyone here enough- she is healed, pain free and very feisty.I would recommend Saugus Animal Hospital to any pet owner.
Posted By :    Shelly Troubetaris
Posted :    1/22/2013
Comments :    My appointment last night was a great experience as all my appointments have been. My 4 year old Olde English Bulldog Brutus loves going to the vet (seriously) He can be quite a handful but the office is great and he loves Gordon (his favorite vet tech) even though he cuts his nails- not a favorite activity for either of them I'm sure. The doctors are always informative, take great care of Brutus and are very patient with him. I couldn't ask for a better team to take care of the "baby" of our family even though his size is comparable to my 11 year old son.
Posted By :    Leesa Barone
Posted :    1/22/2013
Comments :    I love the staff at Saugus Animal Hospital. Everyone is so friendly and professional. Dr. Binder is the best vet ever. He treats me and my dogs with kindness, care, and professionalism, and he is just so smart and awesome!
Posted By :    Jennifer Harris
Posted :    1/22/2013
Comments :    I was very happy that i was able to get Mr. Meow in on an emergency basis and when I arrived Mr. Meow was seen in a timely manner. The staff was patient and friendly.I really appreciated the follow up call to check on Mr. Meow.
Posted By :    Kathy Potenza
Posted :    1/22/2013
Comments :    Saugus Animal Hospital is fabulous. I have been coming to Saugus Animal Hospital for over 15 yrs. with 3 dogs and now a fourth dog. Dr. Anderson and Dr. Binder are wonderful with the dogs. at Saugus Animal Hospital you don't feel like you are a number, you feel like you are part of a family.They sympathize with you when your pet is sick and they do everything possible for your pets to keep them healthy.
Posted By :    Kate Alessandrini
Posted :    1/22/2013
Comments :    As always Bailey is very comfortable with the Doctor's and assistants at Saugus Animal Hospital.They are always willing to go the extra mile to make him feel comfortable.
Posted By :    Marie Bossi
Posted :    1/22/2013
Comments :    Dr. Karin Anderson was very thorough and she is always kind.Dr. Anderson consistently answers any questions I may have in terms that a lay person can understand.The secretarial staff are always friendly and accommodating, as well as the Vet. Assistants. Everyone on staff is respectful. I am very confident in the care my dogs receive.
Posted By :    June Vinard
Posted :    1/22/2013
Comments :    Cannot say enough good, staff always pleasant, friendly, caring, helpful and professional. Outstanding veterinary care!
Posted By :    Frank Jackson
Posted :    1/22/2013
Comments :    Dr. Anderson is a wonderful veterinarian. I would and have recommended her to others. She has taken care of my Annie and my Princess, both senior dogs.
Posted By :    Heather  (gwingil@gmail.com)
URL :    www.heathergallay.com
Posted :    12/6/2012
Comments :    My family has used SAH for many years. When my beloved tuxedo cat, Skittles, developed a serious chronic illness, they were always there to be supportive both medically and emotionally. The end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 were difficult months for Skittles and, consequently, for us. But the SAH staff -- especially Dr. Howe, Ashley and Traci -- always made us feel that they truly loved Skittles, and empathized with our pain. When Skittles died in April of 2012, we found a modicum of comfort in the outpouring of love from the SAH staff. Thank you for helping through the hardest thing I, personally, have ever experienced. Skittles was lucky to have you all, and so was my family.
Posted By :    BOB R
Posted :    9/21/2012
Comments :    I have been taken my dog scooter to Saugus Animal Hospital since he was born, and always had great things to say about Dr. Binder and his staff they are always friendly and have a smile on there faces, Just this summer or dog Scooter became very ill at night so we had to take him to an other animal hospital because Saugus Animal hospital was closed. The staff at the other animal hospital wasn't as friendly as they are at Saugus Animal hospital,as wen went back there the following day It turned out that our dog needed emergency surgery or he would not survive, So I placed an call to Saugus Animal Hospital and spoke with Dr. Binder and told him about our dog needing emergency surgery, Dr. Binder told us to get the the stable and bring him to his office and he would rearranged his schedule to do surgery on our dog, he explained everything to us regarding how dangerous the surgery is, after the surgery was over he called us and told us that it would be a very slow recovery and that the next 24 hours was going to be the most important to see how our dog recovers from the surgery, he called us every 3 to 4 hours with an update on our dog Scooter, I think I have said enough about how thankful our family is to Dr. Binder and his staff. NOTE: I HAVE POSTED THIS ON OTHER REVIEW BOARDS AND ONLY TO FIND IT HAS BEEN REMOVED.
Posted By :    Lisa & Joe
Posted :    4/24/2012
Comments :    Dr. Howe and Kristen, We can not thank you enough for the care you provided to our dog Ernie if it wasnt for you we would have continued to think "it was just a stomach bug" like we were told by his previous vet when really it was a herniated disc in his back. We were very impressed by the full examination you had performed while still keeping the little guy comfortable and to Kristen for assessing Ernie before the doctor was even in yet and keeping him comfortable throughout the exam. We are happy to say Ernie went in for surgery on friday afternoon and is home resting now on his way to recovery. Thanks again for everything and you will defiantly be seeing us again!
Posted By :    Michael T. Cavanaugh,DVM, DAVBP
Posted :    3/21/2012
Comments :    Dear Dr. Binder, on behalf of the American Animal Hospital Association, I'd like to congratulate you and your team for successfully achieving re-accreditation. You remain among the top 15 percent of small animal hospitals in North america- a mark of distinction that clearly sets you apart from other veterinarians in your community. We recognize the role each member of your team played in this outstanding acclomplishment and share your excitement and pride in your re-accreditation.Thank you for your dedication to the veterinary proffession and willingness to raise the level of care you provide through your accreditation. Sincerely, Michael T. Cavanaugh, DVM, DABVP, Executive Director, AAHA.
Posted By :    Candice Ellis
Posted :    3/1/2012
Comments :    Dear Dr. Anderson and Kristen,Hollywood(the cat) thanks you as do I.Bless you both for taking pity on my kitty love. I was so grateful as we had been trying to find someone to help him. Warmest wishes!
Posted By :    Dale M. Paley, DVMDABVP, AAHA director
Posted :    11/16/2011
Comments :    Dear Dr. Binder,I am writing to you in the capacity as a member of the board of directors for the American Animal Hospital Association. I would like to take this opportunity to personally congratulate you and your team on your recent AAHA "reaccredidation"! I appreciate the amount of work and dedication necessary for you and your veterinary team to have accomplished this impressive goal, and I commend your efforts and success! In my short time as Director with AAHA, I have come to further appreciate this organization and its uncompromising pursuit of veterinary excellence and dedication to clinics like yours. On behalf of AAHA:to you and your team, please accept my sincere congratulations on your worthy accomplishment!! Sincerely yours, Dale M. Paley, DVM, DABVP, director AAHA
Posted By :    Elaine Comeau  (elainecomeau@yahoo.com)
Posted :    8/9/2011
Comments :    We came into the hospitaljust before closing with an emergency.Our dog Rocket, had cut his leg at Lynn Woods and was bleeding so badly we thought he was going to die. I never saw anything bleed like that in my life, however the WONDERFUL folks at Saugus Animal Hospital took us in and after 3 hours of surgery etc., saved his life. We can't thank them enough!!! The staff showed that they REALLY, REALLY cared about Rocket. They were icredibly attentive and I felt very confident that Rocket was in the best care possible.
Posted By :    J. Donahue  (donahue@swampscott.k12.ma)
Posted :    8/9/2011
Comments :    Thank you so much for accommodating my kitty on the day I called.Dr. Binder, Stephen and the entire staff was professional, informative and friendly.I have found my kitty her new vet's office! Thanks again, Jennifer and Maggie Mae.
Posted By :    SteveF.& Carol A.
Posted :    3/21/2011
Comments :    Traci, We can't thank you enough for everything you've done for Pepper ... and us humans! Thanks for your caring, support and thoughtfulness.
Posted By :    Laurie & Donald Carasso
Posted :    1/26/2011
Comments :    We just thought that we would thank ALL of you for the caring and compassion that you always demonstrate when we bring our"children" in, your patience and sincere caring you show to all your patients and their families.We just wanted to tell you that this appreciated more than you know! Saugus Animal Hospital Rocks!
Posted By :    Brenda  (brennmig@yahoo.com)
Posted :    12/28/2010
Comments :    This is a little note from "STELLA" (pug) - My visit to the Saugus Animal Hospital was "WOOF WOOF." Dr. Anderson and Steven were very caring and took great care of me!! Thank you and woof woof!!
Posted By :    Marc
Posted :    10/15/2010
Comments :    I want to thank Dr. Binder, Amanda, Stephen, Ashley and all the staff at the Saugus Animal Hospital for saving my best friend Ashley's life.She is a gift from God and you are her guardian angels! Thanks for being so professional, courteous, compassionate, caring and understanding.You guys are without a doubt the absolute best in the businss.I know there very easily could have been a different outcome, and still Ashley is not totally out of the woods, but I'm confident that with your care she will live a full, happy and healthy life!God bless you all, and again, thank you so very, very much.Ashley & Marc
Posted By :    KarenR
Posted :    10/15/2010
Comments :    Dear Dr. Bergsten and Saugus Animal Hospital staff, Thank you for taking such good care of my precious Mackie.I really appreciate the kindness you show to my pets!
Posted By :    T.F
Posted :    10/14/2010
Comments :    I have been going to this hospital for over twenty years with three cats the staff it great they are loving and caring I would not go anywhere else
Posted By :    Lauren Anne Wright  (QueenL99@aol.com)
Posted :    6/24/2010
Comments :    Dear Dr. Walbaum and Dr. Binder, My mom and I want to thank you and your staff for the compassion and understanding you gave us as Candi passed on. It was so hard for us as you know, but she is looking down on us, a new Angel in Kitty Heaven. Thank your staff for us please, a great group of people. Sincerely, The Wright Family
Posted By :    Nikole C.
Posted :    3/23/2010
Comments :    I want to say "Thank You" to you and your wonderful staff for always treating my pet like he was your own.No matter what was wrong with him, he always wagged his tail when he was there, and that was a "good thing".For all you did for him,and for what you do every day for so many other pets, we are so graeful to you and your staff.You will always be in our hearts!
Posted By :    Monica  (m.monicabruno@comcast.net)
Posted :    2/2/2010
Comments :    Thank you for your kindness and flexibility when it was time for Nefra to go. That day was somewhat of a blur but I will always remember how kind everyone was to us.
Posted By :    Linda Galloway  (cleogal64@aol.com)
Posted :    1/6/2010
Comments :    Dr. Binder, I wish I had met you sooner. My dog Cleo was 12 y/o by the time I came to your practice and in the short time she was there she received such good care. Everyone from the moment you walk in the door is kind,courteous and professional. I will recommend you to all my pet loving friends and when I am ready to save another pet she will be visiting you!
Posted By :    Patty.N
Posted :    12/28/2009
Comments :    I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the wonderful care you took of our cat.She is fully recovered from her cold and dehydration and looks like she was never sick.You took the extra step to research her condition and send us information on a supplement for her.Both my husband and I want to thank you for your dedication to keep her healthy.
Posted By :    Mary Wilson
Posted :    11/30/2009
Comments :    Dear Dr. Binder, We brought Max to you 11 years ago as a 7 week old puppy. When we looked for a veterinarian, we looked as we did when looking for a pediatrician--we wanted someone kind and good. We found both in you! Thank you for all that you've done for Max over the years. Dr. Domenico--you were there at the hardest time for us. Thank you for your kindness. To the wonderful staff--many of you have been there for years--what a comfort to see the same faces. This longevity is a testament to what a great hospital this is. Thank you for your kindness and caring. Keep up the good work that you do!
Posted By :    Aimee Peden
Posted :    11/25/2009
Comments :    Dear Dr.Walbaum & Dr. Binder...Thank you for your extraordinary kindness and professionalism.I was so pleased with the services I received at Saugus Animal Hospital and so appreciative of the warmth that you displayed. I would highly recommend Saugus Animal Hosptal to anyone.Thank you again and best wishes to you both.
Posted By :    M.A
Posted :    11/25/2009
Comments :    Dear Dr. Binder, As I write to you,sitting by my side is our cat. In 2003 you saved his life and we are forever grateful.Your love,compassion and expertise are the reason we keep coming back.You are someone special and we are glad to have you as our vet.
Posted By :    Judi Shurtleff
Posted :    12/6/2007
Comments :    My husband Harry and I have been coming to SAH for quite a few years now. The staff is great and always friendly when we have appointments for our almost two year old siamese cat Merlin. We had another cat Ceasar that we had to put down about two years ago. Everyone was very compassionate and helpful when we had to do this. It was a very difficult time for my husband and I during this trying time. Dr. Domenico was also great with helping Ceasar with his pain during the last few weeks. We want to thank you all and look forward to seeing you during Merlin's next office visit. This cite is very informative and enjoyable to read.
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